My Thoughts On Twitter, 7/10/17


My open letter to @facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about “bringing the world closer together” #Zuckerberg

Why are so many people dying from opiate overdoses? It’s our broken society | Marc Lewis

#G20 The world has reached maturity. Only our good connections can improve it–otherwise, it will deteriorate. That’s why G20 won’t help!

#UNESCO: The cave bought by Abraham isn’t Jewish, and Abraham isn’t a Jew, because the Jews have spurned his call to “Love thy neighbor.”

#life #world The world is one person’s manifestation through others. It’s what you subconsciously disseminate in the world & feel from it.

#kabbalah Why be a kabbalist? Imagine sitting in the control room of your life—everything is in your hands!

Unless Europeans grow closer, #Europe’s integration is doomed. Brexit/Trump aren’t to blame, but Europe’s leaders for failing to see this.

My predictions are coming true: #UN and WHO are calling upon governments to decriminalize drugs—to reduce the planet’s population?

#EU: Trump is harmful to established liberal world order! How is it liberal & where is the order? Maybe it’s a chance to correct our world?

#UNESCO gives symbols to Palestine since Jews are not a nation without the principle of Love thy Neighbor—which doesn’t exist in Israel.

From Twitter, 7/10/17

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