“Consumer Revolution”

laitman_222In the News (lenta.ru): “The current middle class is confused and disoriented, and his discontent is channeled in support of ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and social-populist demagogy, and in the Arab countries – and even radical Islam. The sign of the modern era – the fact that around the world people are turning to the past. …

“Today the world is faced with the fact that the deepening social inequality causes the active protest of the general population. Managing these human masses is harder, at least, the current elite is already unable to. The methods and decision-making rules, which they practice now are opaque, incomprehensible and totally unacceptable for most people.

“The social and political processes within states today are becoming less manageable as are international relations. … World politics has become less predictable, as many of the motives of certain actions of individual countries often are not understood by their partners. …

“It turned out, that despite globalization and economic unity, the present world is divided mentally because it is living in different eras with different value systems. Now the government of each country is trying to show that no one can dictate their terms, since any compromise will not be understood by their own citizens and will be for a sign of weakness. In addition, there is the fear that making concessions on an issue will bring the future at risk of a more serious challenge.”

My Comment: People are disappointed by what is happening but not enough so that they will listen and decide that change is necessary in the world by changing themselves and understanding that there is no other method or any other way.

In addition to feeling disappointment, they need to feel that there is no other future. They have to actually feel the impending disaster, which means that they need to feel despair not disappointment…

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