The Task – Survival

laitman_543_02Opinion (Vladimir Kireev, political analyst): “We live in a time of transition, when the old world rules do not already exist, and new ones have not yet become apparent. These points are called bifurcation points. …

“We live now in a world of winning liberal principles, they govern all global processes, actions of elites. Within the framework of the liberal paradigm experts explain all global processes in human society.

“The paradox is that by defeating their opponents, liberalism found himself in a situation where the rules of the game change, the liberal project is implemented, and we come to the end of an era when it was relevant, and its principles – effective. …

“It is clear that a non-Muslim environment in the form of motion on a different basis, but no different organizational principles and ideas: thieves subculture, totalitarian sects, the post-Soviet nationalists. All these phenomena are of the same order and nature.

“It is in fact a criminal ideology, for which the whole world – a supermarket, it can be a prey, and people – the victim, which can kill, torture, or, say, to take into sexual slavery. At the same time the status of the man endowed only member of his gang, or allied groups. …

“Our collective national task today – to survive in a stormy world, without clogging their brains no longer juggling working schemes and ideologies. It will be, but it sees the future of those who will not drown in destroying the world superstorms system.”

My Comment: This is correct, the world realizes that there is an impasse and does not know the ongoing path. They are also not able to accept the method of unification. The method can descend into the world only through the people of Israel, and the world will be able to accept it only under the great force of our dissemination and/or under the force of suffering.

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