Why Do I Get All of This?

laitman_555Question: Why do numerous troubles pour onto those who live virtuously, never hurt anybody, and make every effort to help the others? Is it a punishment for their prior lives?

Answer: People came up with many theories about punishments for their prior lives and future rewards. In fact, nobody knows why we get blows from destiny.

We all depend on each other. We all are in one network. All of us represent one common soul of Adam; we are one whole! The overall system we exist in is called “Adam.”

Each of the system’s parts is responsible for the others. Our body works similarly: if there is a wound on the foot, it hurts the whole body aches and can’t think of anything besides the wound. In this case, head and nerves depend on the sore foot. Our interdependence extends to this degree.

Our world is an integral system. That’s why it is necessary to improve the entire world, mend our inclusion into each other and the rest of souls. If you do, you begin sensing yourself in a perfect and absolutely comfortable state.

Question: What does the correction of our inclusion in other souls mean?

Answer: It signifies the state of “loving thy neighbor as thyself.” Before we completely correct ourselves, entirely and mutually, we will continue asking questions about the reasons for earthly afflictions without being able to find suitable answers.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/27/15

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