What’s The Difference Between Money And True Fulfillment?

it-all-comes-back-to-youA question I received: The equality you are describing sounds more like oppression. If every person receives the same as everyone, this will suppress people’s initiative to give more to others. What good does such equality bring?

My Answer: Man lives inside the will to receive, to be filled. This desire is the essence of creation, the only thing that was created, and it doesn’t change. All that changes is the intention, the purpose, or how you use this desire – “for my sake” or “for the sake of others.”

Let’s say I have an eight-digit amount of dollars in my bank account. What makes me feel satisfied is the sense that I have a lot of money, rather the amount itself. It gives me the sensation of power and of confidence about the future and the present. However, man’s desire cannot be filled with the dollars themselves.

Our desires are strictly formed within us by nature, and they are of two types:

  • Bodily desires – for food, sex and family
  • Social desires – for wealth, fame, power, and knowledge

Either way, our fulfillment always comes from our sensations, and never from the material objects.

If a person receives society’s appreciation, honor and awards, and if his children are proud of him (instead of hearing that their father is despised by the society), then wouldn’t this be enough incentive for that person to work for the benefit of society?

A true expert sees his job as a work of art, a craft. He does this work in order to achieve the end result, and not to be rewarded. This is how he satisfies his desire.

What we’ve done is to wrap people’s desire into the “wrapping” of money. This is why money comes from the word “covering” or “screen” (in Hebrew the word for “money” is Kessef, originating from the word Kissui – covering). However, money is just a provisional measure of the desire’s fulfillment.

The current crisis will eliminate all the superficial kinds of compensation, leaving just the pure fulfillment. What is that? It is the satisfaction that comes from bestowal. This is the only fulfillment that does not disappear and is completely supported by the society.

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