Homosexuality Is Not An Illness

wordsIn the News: (from BBC News): Doctors criticize ‘gay treatment‘” Plans to promote medical treatment for homosexuality at a religious conference have been criticized by doctors. The event will hear from prominent American psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi who said he had helped many people to become heterosexual.

But the Royal College of Psychiatrists said there was no supporting evidence and such treatment could be damaging. The Royal College said the American Psychiatric Association had concluded there was no scientific evidence that homosexuality was a disorder and removed it from its diagnostic glossary of mental disorders in 1973. The World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases followed suit in 1992.

My Comment: This decision shows that people have finally realized (at least partially) that man shouldn’t interfere with nature, even when it appears to us that nature is expressing itself in “weird” ways.

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Fighting Crime With The Power Of Social Influence

laitman_2008-11-13_6700A question I received: There is a surge in organized crime today. How will the judicial system work in a corrected society? How will crime be fought there?

My Answer: If psychologists and Kabbalists organize a correct society, where everyone is influenced by the environment, then this influence will make every person act in a way that’s opposite to his egoistic nature.

This will work because every person seeks fame, acceptance and appreciation, while loathing disgrace. In addition, one is consumed by envy of others. By putting these impulses to correct use, we can help people act in a socially desirable way.

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It Is Not the End Of The World, But The Beginning

ecologyA question I received: If every one of us reaches the desired balance, will it be possible to stop natural disasters? We’ve destroyed the world enough already.

My Answer: We have destroyed much of the world and we have passed the point of no-return long ago. According to all calculations, we are approaching the end, and doing so at great speed.

However, by reaching harmony with Nature in our thoughts and desires, we will be able to forestall all the “irreversible” imbalances in Nature. All of these phenomena are not caused by our material misdoings, such as excessive consumption or the depletion and pollution of the environment, but by our egoistic attitudes, thoughts and desires.

The latest scientific data shows that man’s attempts to affect change on the physical level have had little impact on the environment. Therefore, these material actions cannot be what is responsible for the shifts we are currently seeing in Nature. In fact, the changes in nature are determined by the program of creation: to bring us to the highest level of existence. And it is inevitable that we will attain this.

We can reach balance with Nature by being considerate of each other, by attaining a “mutual guarantee.” And to the extent we will reach this balance, we will influence the lower degrees of nature as well – the animate, vegetative and still level. Then, all the negative occurrences will abate. All of these problems or disturbances in Nature, arise only because of the lack of harmony between people. All of the disasters and crises happening in the world are but an expression of unbalanced forces. And it is our egoistic attitude that brings about the negative consequences on the still, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature.

When a volcano erupts or a tsunami breaks out, these things happen within you. It is within you that there is an imbalance on the still, vegetative and animate levels. This is why you are seeing these external pictures, which are but reflections of what is happening within you!

The world will not “end.” However, we may reach a state that is “almost” the end of the world. This will be a turning point and the beginning of a new life. Kabbalah offers us a body of knowledge and advice for how to behave in this critical situation. It gives us a method that lets us reach the perfect existence quicker and easier.

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Is Russia Really A Force For Good, As It Believes?

a-woman-can-advance-independentlyIn the News: (from GlobeScan Poll):Russia Believes World Sees It As ‘Force for Good’” The GlobeScan poll reveals that two-thirds (66%) of Russian adults believe that Russia is seen by other countries as a ‘force for good in the world.’ At the same time, very few Russians feel that other countries see their country as ‘a threat to world peace’ (13%) or as ‘a threat to its neighbours’ (12%).

Opinions outside of Russia are very different. Across the 20 other countries polled earlier this year, substantially more now have a negative view (42%) than a positive view (30%) of Russia’s influence in the world.

My Comment: Obviously, this poll was conducted before the winter disruptions of gas supply to Europe. But actually, the same thing can be said of every person: one doesn’t see his own shortcomings and justifies his actions even before making them.

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Success Lies In The Connection Between Us

whats-the-right-attitude-to-have-to-this-worldKabbalah provides people with the means to succeed in life, showing us that all of our misfortunes are caused by our egoism, which has been growing throughout history. In the past, our growing egoism fueled our drive for greater achievements and revolutions. Back then, our life was improving. But over the last 50 years, we have been feeling progressively worse. We feel that there is a crisis affecting virtually all areas of our lives, causing strife and divorce in our family lives, ruining our relationships with our children, and causing drug addiction and depression.

Thus, egoism has ceased making us fulfilled. For the first time in history, we do not wish to progress. And this crisis is universal. It is also happening in science, in education, and in culture. It’s inside us and it strips us of the opportunity to develop.

Egoism no longer entices us toward lofty goals and prosperity. On the contrary, it shows us that we will never be able to fill it, driving us to the point of despair. Moreover, egoism demonstrates that each person is connected to everyone else, that each person’s success depends on the success of all others, and that success will no longer come from using others for one’s personal benefit.

We have reached a developmental stage that has no precedent in the previous generations. Our ego is not pushing us forward any longer, but quite the opposite: it stops us. It is telling us, “From this moment on, you have to use me differently. You have to know how to use me to feel good.” The answer is that we have to use our egoism for the service of others rather than for ourselves, because each one of us is connected to everyone. This is how we can attain happiness.

This approach is so opposite to the way we are used to using egoism that we are at a loss as to what to do. Not using our egoism means not using our nature! But then everything comes to a halt and goes into crisis mode. And this is what is happening today: we can no longer do anything. For example, we are unable to do business with each other, because every deal we make has to be considerate of how it affects everyone else. Small business still works for the time being, but big business can no longer function.

Living inside this universal egoism, people are suddenly starting to feel that there’s no reason for them to take pride in their achievements compared to what others achieve. And this means one has no reason to use others any longer. The inner sensation of our connection with one another, revealed to us by the current crisis, is leading to a situation where people will stop feeling pleasure from using others. This is very strange, but this is what is happening to us. Eventually, we won’t feel pleasure from money, fame or power. So what will he have left? We will then understand that the way to reach happiness and prosperity lies in the connection between us.

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Swine Flu Enforces Proper Behavior

The Sciences Are Subordinate to the Wisdom of KabbalahIn the News (translated from Critica de la Argentina):No more kisses in soap operas” While the news spits out images of Mexico City – its inhabitants protected by face masks, activities paralyzed and the cancellation of cultural shows, the network [TV Azteca] announced that it had suspended celebrity touching and kissing scenes in its soap operas.

My Comment: Then what will be left of these soaps, which have nothing to show but animalistic love and hatred? Come to think of it, isn’t this the real swinery?

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