Homosexuality Is Not An Illness

wordsIn the News: (from BBC News): Doctors criticize ‘gay treatment‘” Plans to promote medical treatment for homosexuality at a religious conference have been criticized by doctors. The event will hear from prominent American psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi who said he had helped many people to become heterosexual.

But the Royal College of Psychiatrists said there was no supporting evidence and such treatment could be damaging. The Royal College said the American Psychiatric Association had concluded there was no scientific evidence that homosexuality was a disorder and removed it from its diagnostic glossary of mental disorders in 1973. The World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases followed suit in 1992.

My Comment: This decision shows that people have finally realized (at least partially) that man shouldn’t interfere with nature, even when it appears to us that nature is expressing itself in “weird” ways.

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  1. What happens when a person is gay themselves? Do they not interfere with their own sexuality and just except it as it is? Isn’t this an abomination to God?

  2. I love the idea that I could make God feel a certain way, to make God angry because of a desire in me I had no control over. None of us ask to be created, yet here we are and must deal with whatever we were given. Despite the massive infinite universe one persons sexuality could make the creator angry. Pathetic. Love is love, pleasure is pleasure.

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