It Is Not the End Of The World, But The Beginning

ecologyA question I received: If every one of us reaches the desired balance, will it be possible to stop natural disasters? We’ve destroyed the world enough already.

My Answer: We have destroyed much of the world and we have passed the point of no-return long ago. According to all calculations, we are approaching the end, and doing so at great speed.

However, by reaching harmony with Nature in our thoughts and desires, we will be able to forestall all the “irreversible” imbalances in Nature. All of these phenomena are not caused by our material misdoings, such as excessive consumption or the depletion and pollution of the environment, but by our egoistic attitudes, thoughts and desires.

The latest scientific data shows that man’s attempts to affect change on the physical level have had little impact on the environment. Therefore, these material actions cannot be what is responsible for the shifts we are currently seeing in Nature. In fact, the changes in nature are determined by the program of creation: to bring us to the highest level of existence. And it is inevitable that we will attain this.

We can reach balance with Nature by being considerate of each other, by attaining a “mutual guarantee.” And to the extent we will reach this balance, we will influence the lower degrees of nature as well – the animate, vegetative and still level. Then, all the negative occurrences will abate. All of these problems or disturbances in Nature, arise only because of the lack of harmony between people. All of the disasters and crises happening in the world are but an expression of unbalanced forces. And it is our egoistic attitude that brings about the negative consequences on the still, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature.

When a volcano erupts or a tsunami breaks out, these things happen within you. It is within you that there is an imbalance on the still, vegetative and animate levels. This is why you are seeing these external pictures, which are but reflections of what is happening within you!

The world will not “end.” However, we may reach a state that is “almost” the end of the world. This will be a turning point and the beginning of a new life. Kabbalah offers us a body of knowledge and advice for how to behave in this critical situation. It gives us a method that lets us reach the perfect existence quicker and easier.

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