Is Russia Really A Force For Good, As It Believes?

a-woman-can-advance-independentlyIn the News: (from GlobeScan Poll):Russia Believes World Sees It As ‘Force for Good’” The GlobeScan poll reveals that two-thirds (66%) of Russian adults believe that Russia is seen by other countries as a ‘force for good in the world.’ At the same time, very few Russians feel that other countries see their country as ‘a threat to world peace’ (13%) or as ‘a threat to its neighbours’ (12%).

Opinions outside of Russia are very different. Across the 20 other countries polled earlier this year, substantially more now have a negative view (42%) than a positive view (30%) of Russia’s influence in the world.

My Comment: Obviously, this poll was conducted before the winter disruptions of gas supply to Europe. But actually, the same thing can be said of every person: one doesn’t see his own shortcomings and justifies his actions even before making them.

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