The Evolution Of Our Bodies And Souls

pointIn the News (from Crystalinks):Human Migratory Patterns”  Modern humans are known to have left Africa in a wave of migration around 50,000 years ago, but another, smaller group – possibly a different subspecies – left the continent 50,000 years earlier, suggests a new study. While all humans today are related to the second “out of Africa” group, it’s likely that some populations native to Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia retain genetic vestiges of the earlier migrants, according to the paper’s author, Michael Schillaci.

My Comment: There is no discrepancy between this and the Bible because the Bible speaks only of man’s spiritual development, of our desires (heart) and reason (brain). It says nothing about our animate body, which belongs to the animate level.

However, our desires and thoughts are the basis for the future soul, and they come from the Reshimot (informational data) of the Upper World. These Reshimot carry the qualities of bestowal and love, and that is why the evolution of our desires and thoughts raises us toward bestowal and love of others, the primary Biblical commandments.

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