The Two Ways Of Reaching Our Goal

the2520meaning2520of2520spiritual2520and2520physical25A question I received: I have heard you say many times that the desire is the only thing that exists, and only the desire determines everything. Then why don’t all the desires that I have in life come true?

My Answer: It’s because in addition to your desire, there exists the program of creation. In other words, there is a certain plan, and according to this plan the whole of creation advances towards its pre-determined goal. This advancement toward the goal is called Beito, which means advancement along time, where everything occurs in due time.

However, a human being consists of a desire, and therefore he feels the fulfillment of the desire as pleasure and the lack of fulfillment as emptiness or suffering. This is how he feels the affect of the program, which uses our desire for fulfillment or pleasure to control us. After all, we always aspire to pleasure and try to distance ourselves from suffering.

If you wish to realize the program of creation on your own and to achieve the goal quickly and pleasantly, instead of being driven to it by blows, you can do so by directing your desire according to the rule, “Make your desire like the Creator’s desire.” What is “the Creator’s desire”? This refers to His desire to bestow all of Himself and His state into your personal perception. As a result of this, you reveal a new level of desire, perception, awareness and understanding. And when this happens, you feel the gap between yourself and the Creator. Then, by intentionally eliminating this gap, you liken your desire to the Creator’s.

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