Would You Trust Others With Your Life?

spiritual2520food2520is2520the2520light2520that2520filA question I received: Why can’t people develop the instinct of love for their neighbor just like animals do while under the pressure of difficult circumstances and suffering? This seems to be the most natural and evolutionary path of development.

My Answer: You’re right: if people were on the same level of development as animals, they really would be able to develop the same kind of instinct as bees, ants, and human cells. For example, a single cell in a body is able to sense that if it doesn’t unite with another cell, and then with a third cell, and a fourth cell, it loses out on the force of life. In other words, two cells that are separated go through the realization of evil and reach the realization, “We should unite in order to live longer and better.”

In the process of uniting, the cells come to understand the benefit of the unification to a greater extent, and they then begin to separate according to each cell’s “specialization”: some cells become the heart, others become the lungs, others – the brain, yet none of the organs can exist separately. Each organ is certain that the others will take care of it.

In the past, a cell could exist on its own, completely alone. However, as the cells united, they discovered that specialization gives rise to a higher form of existence. And in order for this to happen, each cell must reject its personal life and begin to live the life of the whole organism.

This way, the cell literally entrusts its life to the other cells. It gives its life over to them because by specializing to become an eye cell, for example, it stops carrying out the other functions. It trusts another cell to be its heart, and another cell to be its brain, and another cell to be the lungs.

And  what role do the lungs play? They breathe for the whole body, but actually they practically don’t need oxygen for themselves. They do it because the whole body needs the oxygen to exist. And the other cells have absolute faith that the lungs will provide them with oxygen, because they are all in a mutual guarantee!

This is how stem cells (small, universal cells) became cells of different types – of the brain, lungs, heart, and so on. And that is how organs formed and living organisms began to develop.

Biologists believe that this happened “on its own.” But in reality, this process happened because of the revelation of “Reshimot” (informational genes), which are implanted in creation from the beginning and are revealed in a specific order. According to them, we must now consciously achieve the same kind of unity in human society.

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