You Are Responsible For All The Crimes In The World

moralWhat does it mean to be a guarantor? If I am someone’s guarantor, then if that person breaks the law, the authorities can come to me and put me in jail instead of him, because I have taken on the obligation to be that person’s guarantor!

Or let’s say that person doesn’t pay off a loan that he took out from the bank. Without even talking to him, the bank can demand the loan payment from me. That’s the law of mutual guarantee in action. It is Nature’s unbreakable law that binds us together, and we can’t run away from it.

How unfair, how cunningly devious and cruel it is for Nature to put people who hate each other in a closed space and give them horrible desires and impulses. And then to go and punish one person instead of the other! If we could actually feel this law, we would literally burst with indignation.

Moreover, I may be held responsible not only for the consequence of someone else’s actions, but for the fact that he committed them in the first place. In other words, the fact that someone destroys, murders, steals and rapes is my fault, and that’s why it is just to demand compensation from me and to punish me. The guarantee is not that you have to compensate the damage done by someone else, but that you have to guarantee that his deeds will be good. And if he acted poorly, that means I was an accomplice to his actions.

It turns out that by making any small transgression, I cause the misdoings of many people around the world. And this will definitely come back to me – I will be punished. We can’t even imagine how absolutely the law of mutual guarantee envelops us and works without our consent. It is everywhere – even in our thoughts, intentions and actions.

Each one of us is “guiding” others throughout their lives, similar to a puppet master who leads and controls the puppet. However, none of us feels that he is the one who leads and is being led. If we would see our mutual dependence, we would lose our freedom of will and become robots. This is why our universal mutual connection is concealed from us and is being revealed gradually, to the extent we can bear it and turn it into a positive one.

How can we make it positive? It is done by each one of us connecting to other people. However, this shouldn’t be done out of fear or because of pressure, but out of our own, free desire to give and to love others.

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