We Are Coming Closer To The Law Of Universal Connection

we-must-only-unite-our-points-in-the-heartYou are told that you have to be considerate of others, but you are incapable of this – even when threatened with death! Even if you want to be considerate of others, how could you? It is against human nature!

People really do want to be considerate of everyone already. The law of universal connection and the need for the “Mutual Guarantee,” which are being revealed in the world now, stipulate that you will only receive food under the condition that everyone will be each others’ guarantors. When this happens, the economy and businesses will begin to work again and will provide everyone with all the necessities.

Today our livelihood depends on the mutual guarantee, which means that you have to be considerate of everyone and everyone has to be considerate of you. Of course, you don’t want suffering for yourself and your family, and so you are ready to change. But how do you do this? You would like to unite with others, but you are unable to. The reason is because you were created an egoist. Recognizing this is called “the realization of evil.”

When you reach this state, this dead-end, you will begin to reveal that there has to be a force that will correct you. You will feel a need for a force that can correct your egoistic nature. This force is called the Creator – the whole of Nature, and it can only be revealed inside you. This revelation of the whole universe will give you the power to rise higher and to control your egoism for everyone’s benefit.

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