My Meeting With Hank Sheinkopf

This week I had an interview with Hank Sheinkopf – a leading political consultant.


Throughout his 40 year long political career, Hank Sheinkopf has worked as an adviser and political consultant for many clients, including former US President Bill Clinton. His work has taken him all over the world, where he has also functioned as an envoy on special assignments.

In addition to having a very practical and realistic outlook on life, I found that he has a sensitive spirit and a love for the Hebrew language, which he speaks fluently. I hope we will receive much more valuable advice from him that will help shape our work in the US and worldwide.

One Comment

  1. I have been friends with Hank Sheinkopf fo around 40 years, supposedly since we were 5 years old. Seriously, in the 40 years I have seen much personal growth in Hank. However, whast stands out is the caring and compassion that he has for his friends in good times and bad,.
    Yes, he is a Spiritual man, with a very close family, but I find his N’shoma to be even more than Spiritual, he is a Good guy.
    Bruce Rothman

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