What Will We Be Like When We Rise To The Level Of Nature?

the-spiritual-goal-is-the-same-for-everyoneEverything in reality is divided into:

The internal part: the spiritual world, the world of roots, decisions, and intentions.

The external part: our world, the world of branches, consequences, actions, and execution.

Our work lies in revealing the internal part through the things happening to us and the influences being exerted upon us. In other words, we have to rise from the level of action to the level of intention in order to understand what the single and common Force called Nature demands of us and why it develops us specifically in this way. By examining what happens to us, we will gain the complete knowledge of ourselves and Nature (or the Creator), including Its desire, reason, plan, and thought.

In order to obtain this knowledge, one has to attain the same qualities that are inherent in Nature: qualities of bestowal, love, and the commonality between all of its parts. Otherwise one won’t understand it. If one performs the same actions as Nature, and if one studies these actions and agrees with them, then one attains the level of Nature (the Creator). This is how one reaches the level of Adam (from the word Edameh – similar to Nature, the Creator).

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