Learning to Live In the Spiritual World

laitman_2008_3173Wishing to prepare our children for a good life, we teach them the best way to “get ahead” in this world. To this end, we spend many years educating a child, gradually making his exercises more and more difficult, while hoping that the upbringing we give him will prepare him for life in the world that he reveals.

This is exactly how the Creator treats us: He demands that we go through a preparation for entering the spiritual world. We have a limited amount of time to go through this preparation, and we don’t have a choice – within that period of time, we have to learn to live in an integral world, in a universal and unified nature – the Upper World.

The sooner we understand what is required of us and the sooner we agree to be reeducated, the less suffering we will feel. This is because our suffering comes from the pressure of forces that compel us to change. By agreeing with the Creator, we will be able to change consciously, happily and voluntarily.

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