The Crisis In Science Indicates A Need To Change Our Consciousness

russiaIn order to rise to the “human” level, to a level higher than the animate, one must acquire the quality of bestowal and love toward others. This is called “faith above reason” – bestowal above reception. It enables a person to come out of himself and his egoistic nature.

Science is going through a crisis while it develops on the egoistic level. Meantime, humanity has gradually risen to a higher level, where everyone is interconnected as one body. From now on, the only way we can understand and reveal Nature is by becoming one whole. By making this change in our consciousness, we will reveal a deeper layer, new connections, forces and dependencies in the world around us.

But until we change our egoistic perception of reality to an altruistic one, our sensations, desires and thoughts will not allow us to overcome the knowledge barrier that we are stuck in. It is imperative that we rise above our egoistic reason to the altruistic reason. We must step outside ourselves to a feeling that seems completely irrational to us today. This is why the subject of my PhD thesis was: “Kabbalah – The Irrational Method for Attaining the World.”

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  1. Dear Rav;

    Science is not based on the irrational but on the rational so why do you call Kabbalah a science? Faith above reason/knowledge has in the past and continues to cause only war and suffering. Loving the human family does not require irrational thought.


  2. There is no prerequisite of bias to study Kabbalah as in most other man made religions, that is why it is different Norbert. If you stop and think logically you will see what is behind all the suffering in our world. It is the ego of man. Kabbalah simply teaches us to regulate that ego and change our nature. It is a simple path of truth. Of course loving the human family requires irrational thought! People are naturally capable of loving their own family. It is what feels natural to the ego. Loving a stranger’s family seems irrational….doesn’t it!?

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