An Honest Deal Brings The Greatest Profit

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-forceA question I received: The average person doesn’t see that the crisis is revealing the connection between people, and that mutual guarantee is a law of nature. He just sees that the dishonest manipulation of the stock market has caused the stock prices to fall, and that the company where he worked suffered losses and he was laid off. What does nature have to do with any of this?

My Answer: The current crisis is global, and therefore it’s impossible to fix it piecemeal. It is because the universal connection among all people is now being revealed. This is also why the crisis is not just happening in the economy, but also in industry, trade, culture, education, and more generally – in our attitude to everything.

But the greatest revelation is that all of these phenomena are underpinned by another, deeper layer. This is why we are unable to solve this crisis through additional legislation, agreements or regulators. The only way to make the system function correctly is by changing our relationships with each other.

To do this, we must recognize our mutual responsibility to one another, to the whole of humanity, to our planet and all of Nature. In the meantime, Nature, which completely surrounds us, holds us in its grip and is tightening it. It demands that we start understanding the need for mutual responsibility and making different kinds of contracts with one another: in addition to the conditions laid out on paper, the lawyer’s signature, the penalties and other regulators, the contracts must include our inner willingness to be honest with one another. This is the mutual connection and guarantee, and they cannot be formally stipulated or dryly observed. In order for any individual to hold true to any agreement, one has to correct one’s egoism.

Today people always profit at someone else’s expense. But now we have to create something entirely new. This is why the solution to the current crisis looks completely unreal: we have to come up with a way to make a profit that won’t come at our neighbor’s expense. How is this possible? The only formula for success we have ever known is: if you lose, I win. This is how everyone today thinks. We are confident that this is the only way to make a profit. But is there another way?

There is, if only each person will limit his material profit to the level of bare necessity, and will contribute all the rest to the society. This is how we can get to a point where no one will live in need. Moreover, every person will receive internal, spiritual compensation in the form of society’s respect and appreciation, depending on the level of his contribution. Thus, one will also feel personal benefit from servicing the society.

On the other hand, in the egoistic society people disregard this kind of attitude. They despise tokens of appreciation and consider money to be the most important and powerful stimulus.

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