Economists’ Tricks Won’t Save Us, But A New Education System Will

international-kabbalah-congress70x70_preview1In the News (translated from APN): Mikhail Khazin, a famous Russian economist, asserts that the only way to save the world from catastrophe is to implement a “global project” that will renew the public consciousness. Hopefully the world’s most ambitious individuals will then prove their worth by spearheading meaningful social projects, instead of showing off the size of their boats. And their reward will not be another ten billion dollars, but the respect and gratitude of the entire humanity.

My Comment: The world cannot be saved by economists’ tricks. The reason for the crisis is our egoistic relationships, which have become global. We are like cogwheels meshing together and unable to break free – and we’ll never be able to break free! Yet, every cogwheel (person) still keeps trying to spin in his own direction.

Because we are in this situation, there is only one solution – to start spinning all together, in total agreement. This is what we must learn to do. Otherwise, the crisis will not go away, and will even continue to worsen.

The new public consciousness can only come from a new system of education. Every one of us must be reeducated, from being petty egoists and separate cogwheels, to becoming one massive mechanism, like the members of one family.

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