We Can’t Unite, But We Must

the2520intention2520of2520attaining2520the2520creator2Today humanity is discovering that it must unite, yet people cannot even imagine that this is possible. It seems completely unrealistic. And this reflects how distant we are from one another, how separated by our egoistic goals. We are absolutely powerless to unite with everyone as one whole, to be one government and one nation, above and beyond all the differences. However, this is just what Nature demands of us, and today we are revealing our inability to do so.

So we throw up our hands and give up. However, it is exactly this realization of our own powerlessness that we have to reveal – and nothing else! We have to understand that we are incapable of uniting, and yet we are obligated to do so.

As soon as the world will realize this, people will suddenly turn to the Kabbalists, those who hold the wisdom of how to unite everyone into one whole. People will realize that they have to unite, and will understand that the world’s salvation depends on this. This is the only way to save our world from destruction, because the world is global, integral and like a small village where everyone is interconnected. And yet, people will realize that they are unable to accomplish this on their own, and will ask the Kabbalists for the wisdom and the strength to unite.

Along with all of humanity, Kabbalists will also grow closer and unite, and thus everyone together will reach the complete correction of egoism and the sensation of eternal, perfect fulfillment.

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