When Israel Unites With The Nations Of The World

thirdA question I received: The people of Israel suffer from Anti-Semitism. If they will begin to observe the law of “love your neighbor as yourself” and change the system of relationships in the country, will other nations stop hating Israel? How are these things connected?

My Answer: We, Bnei Baruch, have many friends all over the world, and this global community shows what happens to people who have learned about what Kabbalah has to give to the world.  These people have become close to us and we can all feel that there is love and unity among us.

If a person sees that you have precious knowledge about the soul, about the future, about the world’s destiny and the connection between everyone, and if he can feel that these things are correct, then he unites with you. And then you won’t sense any difference between you.

This is what we see in practice: there is no distance or any differences between us in Israel and any of our friends around the world. They are part of our group and are guided by the “point in the heart.” There is no difference between us in our perception, our actions, or our attitude toward the Creator. Moreover, when you come close to someone from afar, then that person becomes even dearer to you.

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