What Objectives Should A Small Country Like Latvia Set To Overcome The Crisis?

withoutA question I received: I’m from Riga in Latvia and I’ve been studying Kabbalah with you for a few years. There is currently a debate in Latvia about the country’s long-term goals: should it be independent, join NATO, the EU, or take a number of other actions? Many people think that the main reason for the country’s economic problems is its lack of objectives and basic values.

This is why the government is taking initiative and sponsoring a new TV show called “Latvia’s Objectives,” where anyone is invited to submit their opinions on the country’s goals, values and moral code. All submissions will be handed over to the country’s leadership.

Could you propose some objectives that are in line with the teaching of Kabbalah on the governmental and international levels?

My Answer: Today it is certainly possible for a small state or country to build the right conditions for its people to unite based on mutual participation, good relationships, compassion and eventually even love, like among members of one family.

The way to achieve this is to unite the media and the educational programs, to create the right environment and a positive public opinion that will surround and influence every individual. Making this transition in our relationships, from egoistic to considerate of others, will bring about the emergence of completely different, positive forces in the society and the whole country. People will then enact forces of Nature of whose existence they did not even suspect!

Moreover, this proposal will not contradict any other plan or decision the state will make. It will only help to eradicate many negative social trends, and it does not require great expenditure to be implemented.

On our part, we are ready to present a detailed plan of action and to conduct all the necessary consultations – free of charge.

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