Let’s Influence The US Commission On The Crisis

writeIn the News (from Yahoo News):US votes for 9/11-style commission to probe financial crisis” US lawmakers voted Wednesday to create a 9/11-style commission of experts to probe the causes of last year’s devastating financial meltdown and to draw lessons to prevent its recurrence. The commission would have a wide-ranging remit to examine the role of US regulators and the Federal Reserve.

My Comment: No commission will be able to find out what the cause of the crisis is, because the cause is inside all of us. It lies in our relationships, which have become interconnected; but because they are egoistic (since egoism is our nature), the interconnection is a negative one . The network of our egoistic relationships is invisible to us. We don’t feel that it exists and obliges us to act a certain way. This is why everyone is still trying to guess what the cause of the crisis is.

My Suggestion: Let’s “attack” (influence) this commission with our thoughts, our desires for the true cause of the crisis to be revealed. This is an action all of us can take together. In addition, I propose to create a document called, “The true cause of the crisis and the proposal for its correction,” and to send it to this commission. It will attract attention if it is signed by thousands of our friends. Perhaps we can send it to this commission through the media, as an open letter.

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