The Guide To Success In The New World

electA question I received: Is it enough for everyone to understand that their personal egos have turned global, or do they have to know that this process has a goal?

My Answer: Everyone’s goal is to have a good life, and nothing else. Just as people wanted to succeed in the past, so they do now. This is perfectly normal. We only have to teach everyone how to succeed. We want to provide them with a guide to success in the new world!

First, we should explain that this state is completely new. You see that nobody has a solution. Are all the people really that stupid? No, they are not stupid. It is just that a new, unfamiliar law has been revealed. But once everyone will understand this law, they will say, “But what should we do? We don’t know what to do.”

For now people still don’t accept this law. But once they will receive a few more blows of fate, they will accept it. They will start listening to the explanation out of helplessness, and will ask for direction. That is when you have to give them the method and teach them how to connect to other people and to the environment, in a way that will be considerate of everyone.

We are not telling people that they should immediately feel absolute love for one another. In the beginning, simply taking others into consideration will be sufficient. After all, we are all in the same boat, under the influence of one common force and one common Nature. So how can we change our attitude to the people around us? We can sing songs about it, talk on the radio about it from morning ’till night, write about it in the newspapers and have discussions about it. And we won’t be doing this in order for someone to make a profit from it, but because otherwise we simply won’t survive.

We have to change and become similar to Nature. Right now fear of losing one’s job and fear of poverty are spreading all over the world. So let us spread something else around the world as well: the idea that we are now in a new state, and we require new relationships in order to cope with it.

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  1. I know a lot of people who live their life according to the rule of mutuality as you suggest and their lives appear happy and fulfilling. They don’t study Kabbalah or practice a religion. They simply care about others, take care of their own needs and give the rest to the society at large.

    Are they already corrected? How do they know, without study, how to succeed in our new world? How did they do this without a group?

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