My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/15/17


What is going on in #NorthKorea ?


Before #Passover is over, make sure you got it right.


What has changed in me this #Passover? Test Yourself!

Instead of accusing #Israel of being an “apartheid state” American Jews should work to unite Israelis—that will lead to absolute peace.

The world laughs at #Trump for flip-flopping on NATO, China, Russia. But this shows flexibility and capacity for learning. A good example!

Let’s stop lying to ourselves that the former order was liberal! #Trump represents a new order—such is the evolution of society!

#EU will fight fake news by creating its own news system to educate & illuminate. But who will properly educate the workers of this system?

The growing anti-Semitic attacks on the pro-Israel #Kushner are supported by anti-Israel Jews, but it will all turn against them soon!

The world keeps getting thrown right and left – it has no method of following the middle line—taught by Kabbalah. Let’s learn #balance!

Hating Israel has nothing to do with how it treats Palestinians, but with #Jews‘ relationships with one another. And it’s easily verifiable!

From Twitter, 4/15/17

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