Hints About Where To Look For Him

body At every new moment in time, a damaged Reshimo enters us and our task is to fix the world that exists inside of us. To help us do this, The Zohar is written to be a ready made instruction manual. We just have to read it and search for the properties it tells us about within ourselves. We have to translate everything that is written in The Zohar into our desires and the relationships between them. The whole book is about this, and that is how it was written.

The Torah and all other sacred books are written the same way because they were also written by those who sensed spirituality. However, The Zohar was wexternal ritten with exceptional skill; its authors knew how to explain every minute detail to us. It teaches us how to bring our image of the world into ourselves. This is what our work is all about.

Once we do this, the whole world will begin to awaken as well, because we are all connected. If some people still don’t feel this interconnection, then it’s only temporary. It’s like waking up in the morning with your leg still asleep. You’re unable to feel it, but gradually you begin to regain the feeling in your leg. The same is true for the rest of the world.

The Kabbalistic group is a set of desires that exist outside of me and support me in my goal to connect my external and internal parts together. The group helps me by trying to get inside of me, pushing me from the outside to return myself inside. We act collectively because the group is ready to become one person with one heart – together with me.

It is as if this “external” piece moves in my direction all by itself. These desires seem foreign to me, but the more I want to sense them as my own, they will in turn approach me and get closer to me. Meanwhile, the Creator is hiding within those desires, making them seem alien to me in order to force me to look for and recognize Him within those desires.

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