On The Other Side Of Perception

laitman_928The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that any spiritual work does not imply physical actions.

Everything should take place only in human desire. Kabbalah operates with what was actually created: desire. Only it can be controlled by the Creator and by a person from below. There is nothing else.

It seems to us that all around us is a material world, but this world is illusory. It exists only in our internal representations. As Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” there is a special “screen” on the back side of our brain that projects all of our thoughts and feelings, and draws for us some supposed kind of reality that we see before us.

In fact, we see nothing. Let’s say that before us are, for example, a table, wall, a world, stars, and galaxies, but none of that exists. It just seems to us that way.

This is a very complex system of senses. The task of the Kabbalist is to go beyond ordinary earthly senses to give a person the correct view of the world, the right sensation of it. Therefore, this wisdom called Kabbalah is the science of the correct perception of true reality: what it is and how it is manifested.

The Creator didn’t envisage that a person would do anything physically because this entire dreamlike world that surrounds us is an illusion. It is written in The Book of Zohar that, when we enter the sensation of the upper world, we begin to understand that everything previously was like a dream.

Nevertheless, even if we obtain spiritual sight, we remain between the two worlds and feel them both. However, the amount we allegedly sense through our earthy qualities, called Olam Ha Medume, are invented, imposed on us by an illusory world.

The real world that we reveal is our true world, and there is a connection between these worlds. A person feels the entire illusion of this world and all of the truth of the upper world. Everything that exists in the world called other world—that is, the world located on the other side of our perception, our illusion—influences the pattern of this world, and thus we gradually adjust to the revelation of the true world.

A person is given everything in order to build and do something not physically with the hands and legs, but to perform actions in his desire because desire is the real material of creation, apart from which nothing was created.

All physical commandments, services in the temples, and so on, apply only to the inner spiritual fulfillment of our desires and intentions. That’s it! Therefore, it is said, “I don’t want from you palaces, precious garments, pomposity that lead only to violence and the struggle for power. I need from you only the purity of the heart, the work on your own desires.”

We must understand clearly what the spiritual root and its consequence mean in our world, how this root affects our perception, and how it forces us to see certain physical images that we supposedly discover through our five senses. It is “supposedly” because it is all like a dream, and sometimes it seems even more real than the true reality.

However, all of this is a projection on us from the upper source, the upper root, that, like a very tricky projectionist, shows a movie within us called “life.” It seems to us that we exist in a body in which we interact, move, and so on, but as soon as we wake up a little bit, we discover that it was all a dream, as it is written in The Book of Zohar.

When we enter into contact with the root and not with the consequence, we will begin to understand why it happened this way, why we were shown this movie called life, why it was so varied and rich in colors, sounds, and so on, that captivated us so much. In fact, we feel very small, literally microscopic influences, narrow in both the depth and spectrum of perception, but we think it is something unusual.

Everything that happens around us is projected by the small egoism of a person in the point where each of us perceives the world. But once the ego begins to expand, we feel in the developing ego the next picture of the world, but already corrected. After all, egoism can expand only by correction! Then, apart from a small point, we begin to imagine the upper world.

We attain the roots of everything that happens to us and to the world, we see how one can interact with this system, accelerate its development, expansion, and demonstration to us. Then, it becomes clear: this is the root and this is its consequence. And we, by influencing the root, can change the consequence.

In principle, at the moment, we are not able to change our world. It becomes possible only when we launch our influence on its root. Therefore, while we are in this world, we see that it doesn’t work for us and that we can’t do anything.

However, when humanity comes to a state of complete detachment, depression, and helplessness, then it will hear that there is another way, and it is the only proper one, not through our egoism that controls us, but through our controlling it. Then, we can rise up and begin to reveal the true world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/30/16

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  1. Out of the desire there is nothing we can get. an empty place. small desires, big zombies! This is maybe why people are allowed and able to see passively the sufferings of this world hitting “others”. They, we, stay, stunned, vacuum headed, cause there is no such desire to receive this reality. does a zombie cares about who it bites? no, because it only has a small desire to bite and out of this desire, nothing exists at all. No possible perception of reality. Out of the desire, there is nothing we can perceive.

    this is the tragedy of Islam and Christianism and even Buddhism who consider that denying certain desire, instead of learning how to correct and use those, will lead them to some kind of , so called, “purity”. but they are blinded, like a piece of cheese full of holes void of reality..

    all the best rav and fellow students.

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