Twelve Tribes In One Nation, Part 5

Twelve Tribes In One NationQuestion: Why does every tribe of the people of Israel have its own flag and symbol? What is the essence of this difference?

Answer: The tribes of the people of Israel differ like organs in the body: kidneys, liver, lungs, and others, doing different work. At the same time, each tribe is harmoniously connected with all others, thus the body is healthy and able to function.

The people of Israel are like a puzzle from twelve pieces, twelve tribes. Therefore, it is impossible to change the pieces of the puzzle and cut their edges. Each one should stay the way it is and only then can they assemble into a complete puzzle. Otherwise the picture won’t be perfect.

Question: How can we find out the place of each piece in the puzzle?

Answer: We don’t know this; we can only ask for help from above. We walk through the desert and see nothing. Our task is to do everything in our power for the upper Light to come and connect us.

We try to get closer to each other according to all the laws of connection known to us. It is called “half a shekel” that a person invests. The second “half a shekel,” the force of connection, comes from above.

We ourselves don’t have any force of connection, we only have a desire. If we manage to connect in order to create a complete desire to unite between us, then the force of connection will be revealed and will unite us. This upper force will give us reason, feeling, understanding, education, and a sense of where the correct connection should be. We undergo the complete process of spiritual education.

Question: Was there ever a physical division into tribes that lived within certain boundaries?

Answer: This division existed from the beginning because Jacob had twelve sons and they lived this way in Egypt. The division between them existed all the time, the same way as between the twelve tribes.

There is always a division between tribes. Even today there are many differences between the tribes of Bedouins living in Israel, right up to enmity. They don’t really unite with each other, and this division comes from nature. The same can be said about the Indians in America. Only in cases of emergency do their leaders agree on alliances.

It is a natural desire to stay within your tribe that comes from nature. In the European royal families, marriages of cousins were accepted, and also among the European Jews such marriages were very common.

So, the people of Israel consist of twelve tribes and it is necessary to maintain separation between them and, at the same time, to create a general connection that unites everybody into the one nation.

Question: What do we separate and what do we unite?

Answer: We must take care that all our qualitative differences remain. For example, one is a good musician, the second is a good artist, the third is a writer, the fourth is a director, and everyone must preserve his uniqueness. Yet, at the same time, everyone has to connect with the rest and serve everyone. Our connection is through mutual service to each other.
From KabTV’s “New Life” 12/1/16

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