A Desire To Justify The Creator

laitman_547.04Question: How can a person reach the desire to justify the Creator? After all, he doesn’t even think about that.

Answer: It only depends on the environment. This is the reason that you need good friends who will create such an atmosphere for you in which you will constantly think about the fact that you are all inside the enormous absolute upper force, and you have to gradually get close to Him as you become equivalent in form to Him.

Question: The moment a person receives a blow, he sees that he cannot justify the Creator. But does he understand that it is worthwhile to change if he is in the right environment?

Answer: If he thought negatively about the upper force or about the world that he feels for one second, this is already a blow. Unfortunately, a person doesn’t attribute it to himself, and doesn’t talk about the fact that he feels the world is bad, but instead he thinks that the world is bad.

This is totally wrong, because he feels the world inside him. He feels that the world is bad, which means that he has to change. This thought has to be absolutely accurate.

Comment: But it cannot be immediate. First I have to feel the blow.

My Response: You have to undergo several states before you begin to find your way around. Focus and you will see clearly: I see that the world is distorted according to my degree of distortion.

Question: Can we say that the whole wisdom comes down to the restriction of the pause between my outcry as a result of the blow and the justification of the state?

Answer: It comes gradually. It is not the whole wisdom, but it is an art.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 8/26/18

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