What Brings Joy To A Kabbalist?

293.2Question: If a Kabbalist sees how completely different people unite and in this unification with each other reveal the force called the “Creator,” this brings him joy. What about if people just unite without revealing the Creator?

Answer: When people unite not for the sake of good participation, a good goal, it manifests itself as a negative attitude toward the Creator.

Comment: Let’s say they unite to listen to a symphony or watch football.

My Response: If at the same time they do not pursue the goal of harming someone, then this is also good.

When my teacher and I were driving past the stadium where a soccer match was taking place and where the noises were coming from, he always said: “This place should be respected because the game brings joy to people.”

Question: That is, any kind of unification that fills people is called joy, and the Kabbalist himself rejoices in this positive emotion when looking at them?

Answer: Yes. And if he himself causes such emotions in others through his participation, then, naturally, he rejoices with his positive results.

Question: Rabash writes that joy can always be added. There is no such state when a person says: “That’s it, I have enough.” Does one constantly lack something?

Answer: Yes, because we do not have absolute fulfillment, full joy. In principle, we would like to reach such a state, but it is purely utopian.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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