How Can We Learn Bestowal Without Examples?

938.07Question: What is action “for the sake of the Creator”?

Answer: For the sake of the Creator means that I try, using myself and my friend, to achieve such a state between us, where we will strive for absolute mutual bestowal, relationship, and love so much as to reveal a higher force that exists in nature besides our selfishness.

Question: That is, if I do an action and expect some kind of benefit, then this is not called a giving action. And if I do something without any benefit for myself and at the same time still enjoy, then this is considered bestowal?

Answer: There is still a benefit. It is about producing the very action of bestowal.

Question: Are there any examples of this?

Answer: In our world, no.

Question: How do we learn without examples?

Answer: Try to express them between you in a group. Therefore, we must be in a group of our own kind in order to somehow cultivate these actions, to implement them between ourselves, to operate with them.

Question: Why is everything so arranged that there are no examples? If the Creator wants me to give, let Him show what giving is.

Answer: Where will you see it?

Comment: Let’s say in society.

My Response: There is no such society! It is all messed up!

Comment: Let the Kabbalists set an example.

My Response: You will not be able to see altruistic actions, because you will evaluate them in the measure of your depravity. The only thing that needs to be done, per the Kabbalists’ advice, is to make and begin to realize such relationships between themselves. Although they are not yet in your desires, you can perform them in your actions. This is called “above your desires.”

Start treating each other as if you are really in a good connection, in love, in bestowal, in mutual assistance. And then see how it affects you and pulls you forward.

Question: Suppose I am in a city, all the inhabitants of which are Kabbalists and cognizant, altruists, and I alone am an egoist. And I won’t be able to see their correct relations?

Answer: If Kabbalists do not demonstrate this, then you will not see. And if these are ordinary people who play with each other in giving and helping each other, then you will see and move forward.

Question: That is, the very intention is hidden from me. Why can’t you show it?

Answer: So that you ask to see and implement it. Therefore, Kabbalah is called the “secret science.” You have to want it. You are obliged to look for an appropriate environment, create it, be impressed by it, and then you will gradually acquire the property of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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