The Law Of The Boomerang

963.6Question: Do we currently treat each other egoistically without even realizing it?

Answer: We do not understand that we are beating ourselves with this, and terribly so, and getting many times more damage than the momentary pleasure we are giving ourselves.

Question: Why? What is the reason for this?

Answer: Egoism closes our eyes. Therefore, we think that by humiliating and suppressing others, we rise and are better off. But, this is not so.

Suddenly, a general system is revealed to us, a common dependence on each other. If I suppress, humiliate, or deceive others, I do damage to myself many times more. This comes back to me at a much greater loss than what I supposedly earned and enjoyed when I did something bad to someone else.

The system of connection between us is arranged so that this comes back to me. Not immediately, not explicitly to me. Yet, if I see the whole system, I will behave correctly. Then I will not have any questions about how to make a prenuptial agreement. I will do nothing wrong even to someone who is far away, much less to someone I am going to live with.

I will clearly see the reason we met, and it is not by chance, how we need to communicate with each other, and what level of agreement we need to reach.

Question: Will there be no thoughts about using each other, not trusting each other?

Answer: How can I do this if I feel that it will immediately come back to me, affect me? Where can I hide? I will begin to see the other as a part of me even more important than myself. After all, passing through him, this signal will return to me amplified.

Therefore, the very security system that exists in me all the time will not allow me to think or do something bad.

Question: Today, this security system works in one direction. How I can isolate myself from the other. When it begins to work toward the outside will the vector change and the attitude change?

Answer: Yes. But only if we will see that we are interconnected.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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