When Stones Turn Into Pearls

525Thus, are they the good gems that the world stands on? After all, in another place, it is written that they are the ruin of the world, as it is written, “This is Hevel [vanity], and it is an evil disease … and striving after wind.” The Book of Zohar

Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), mentioned in The Book of Zohar, was written by King Solomon (Sholomo).

Each name has its own meaning. Shlomo—from the word “Shalem.” “Shalem”—from the world-famous word “Shalom,” which means “Shlemut”—completeness, perfection.

That is, when I say to someone, “Shalom,” I want everything to be perfect for them.

Therefore, the name Solomon (Shlomo) speaks of the perfection achieved by the king as a great Kabbalist, a sage.

Everyone knows that he was a wise man. But many people think that Solomon was just a wise man. No, he was not only a sage, but a truly great Kabbalist. And his wisdom is nothing but the light of wisdom that he received from the space surrounding us.

After all, we live in a space filled with energy, information, and eternal movement. From this space, with our current sense organs, we catch only very tiny clumps of matter and perceive this energy and information in the form of the low matter of our world.

And King Solomon, this great Kabbalist, felt the energy and information that exists around us and described it in his book Kohelet.

In addition, Kohelet is one of his seven names. And Kohelet is the highest of them.

King Solomon discovered that we are in the lowest state, which can be called “stones,” the foundations of our grossest material world. Moreover, these stones are immovable, nothing can be made of them. It is a matter that cannot change.

But those stones that you turn from the most immovable and dead into the quality of bestowal and love, that is, when you begin to process, to transform, your primitive, egoistic desires, directed only to yourself, which cannot be moved into bestowal and love, into a connection with others, then they really turn into pearls, into great positive forces on which the world stands.

And then, from the seven great inanimate pillars, they turn into pillars of light directed outward from you.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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