What Is The Foundation Of The World?

209The Book of Zohar, VaYetze, Item 13: King Solomon established his book on seven Havalim [“Hevel” means breath vapor, as well as vanity, futility] on which the world stands. These are the pillars and ledges that form the existence of the world, and this is why they are called Havalim.

Hevel (vanity) is the foundation of the world. From the translation, it follows that everything only operates on vanity. This is not quite true.

Hevel is what comes out of the mouth. Not even breathing but sound—everything that a person seems to let out of himself with his inner breath.

In a spiritual object, such an exit from inside out is the power of bestowal, the power of going out of oneself, the desire to share with another, the desire to love another, to connect with him with his aspirations and fill him like a mother fills a child. It is precisely upon this desire, the love of one for another, that the whole world can exist.

On the other hand, Hevel can mean vanity, i.e., all unnecessary, husk, garbage.

Question: Then what should we do? How to relate to this word?

Answer: It is necessary to translate the Torah correctly with a Kabbalistic meaning because it speaks about the inner matter of humanity, about its desires, about its connection, and its rise to the level of the Creator.

Therefore, if you translate just like that, in our everyday connotation, then the translation will have the opposite meaning.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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