The Secret Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Robert Cummins, Professor at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia): “A loving partner, up to $100,000 of household income and a social activity that offers a sense of purpose is the new ‘golden triangle of happiness’ according to Deakin University psychologist Professor Robert Cummins….

“’More important than money is having a good intimate relationship,” he said.

“’You only need one person to share your life and having that person is incredibly important. People who haven’t got someone to share their life in an intimate way – where you can share your troubles – are very vulnerable to the bad things that happen to them. This is extremely consistent across all of our surveys.’

“’The magic number is $100,000 of gross household income. It’s not that more money makes it better, it is that you need a certain amount,’ he said. …

“’Having something interesting to do is the third element. People are happier if they are active; in a footy club, in a sewing circle, whatever,’ he said.

“’If you can combine that activity with social contact and a sense of purpose then that is best.

“’People who do volunteer work combine those very well. There more active they are and more socially connected the better they are. …

“The culmination of 29 Australian happiness surveys over 12 years by Melbourne’s Deakin University has revealed it doesn’t matter where you live, whether your collar is white or blue or whether you’ve got kids or not – if you live within the golden triangle you’re more than likely to have a permanent smile on your face.”

My Comment: The goal of creation is to delight the created beings. In the course of its development, humanity is becoming aware that happiness is in the correct connection with the environment. We are at this stage of development—in the transition from individual to collective. And then, considering we are together, instead of I, having felt the value “in dissolving” in the collective, we break away from we to the fulfillment with which this “we” will be filled, meaning, we will feel the Creator, the Source, we and I.

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