Can Money Buy Happiness?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Karl- Heinz Ruckriegel, an economics professor and a happiness researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg): “Scientists tend to agree [that money does not buy happiness]. When people have to fight for survival, they are not satisfied with their lives, and a direct correlation between income and satisfaction is observed.

“However, this correlation weakens as income rises over $ 10,000 a year, and after $ 20,000 it is gone completely. That is, when the basic needs are met, a person just gets used to the standard of living, but does become happier; besides, he begins to compare himself with others and cannot calm down.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly, the country’s GDP says nothing about the happiness of its people. Of course, first it’s necessary to ensure that everyone’s income level is sufficient to cover basic necessities. But we do not have to provide more than that; rather, we should teach people how to achieve happiness through unity—this is the fulfillment that nature has prepared for us.

And although we still view this as totally unacceptable and repulsive, we must learn this science of achieving happiness. As a result, we attain eternity and perfection and begin to feel the highest level of Nature.

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