I Want to Be No Worse

441Question: Why does a person always measure himself in relation to others? What is the reason for this perception?

Answer: We do not perceive anything otherwise! We came out of the caves. And everything that is above the most necessary level, we always measure relative to others.

If I have a house, a cow, a dog, a vegetable garden, I live and see only such a world as mine, then I see how much I am not worse than others. And if it’s better, then I’m already a big man, rich, noble. That’s how I measure myself.

If everyone has a car, a green lawn, and so on, then I also want to be no worse. And if there is also a yacht, then I am already comparing who has the bigger one, the oligarch or me. The little man looks at everything only like that. How can he have any absolute measurements?
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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