Advice For Messi

626Remark: Lionel Messi, the famous soccer player who plays for the club Barcelona, suddenly decided to leave the club. And then all hell broke loose! The Spaniards forgot about the coronavirus. They prayed that he would stay.

At home, his wife and children, as Messi says, cried asking him not to leave the club and stay at Barcelona. And the king surrendered. He stayed at the club.

Sports have been elevated to the rank of a religion! Even now, when it seems that all thoughts are occupied with other things.

My Comment: This is because there is a huge force of public consciousness behind this, the fact that this is ours, this is mine, we are all rooting for this! What is the basis of all mass sports, especially group sports? A huge mass of fans unite into one. They live through this since everything else is really messed up. Of all social activities, sports are the highest.

Question: Even despite the fact that millions of dollars go through their hands?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. The person who plays is devoted to this. The individual is devoted. Even if he receives millions for it.

For us, it turns out to be above money. That is, we paid. The one who pays, says, “I am willing to pay for this! Another million? Another twenty million?  Another twenty million.”

Yet, they have such a passion for this! This is mixed with national respect and everything else. This is my team, this is my player, and this is the highest thing I have in life.

I think that even a player does not play for money. He plays to give please to the audience. At least, that’s what the people I talked to say. One of them said, “It was a game that 80,000 spectators attended!”

This is more than theater, more than everything. There is no greater connection between spectators and players than in such a sport.

Question: We have seen more than once that when a player scores a goal he runs, opens up to everyone, and shouts something to the fans. Do you think he is shouting to them that I did it for you?

Answer: Yes, I think so, yes. Inside this game, it turns out that when he does something, he is above money, he gives this to his audience.

Remark: And naturally he receives the appreciation of the audience.

My Comment: Of course! This touches very high feelings, the egoistic feelings of a person.

Question: Do you consider this as high?

Answer: For a person in our world, sport is the last thing left. Everything else, fishing, hunting, it all vanishes, it all disappears, it all is getting dressed in all sorts of mechanics.

Remark: This is a personal excitement for everyone, a person is there alone.

My Comment: Yes, but not in sports. A good game arouses interest all over the world. When so many people are involved, and everyone is watching, and millions, or sometimes billions, are watching the same ball, this, of course, is a huge force! I wish we had such a force!

My teacher Rabash had a lot of respect for the stadium. He said, “This place should be respected, it gives pleasure to the masses.” It was so unexpected for me to hear this considering such a religious man was saying this!

And we pass a stadium where no religious person ever goes because it is considered to be something the opposite.

This is the perception of a real, great Kabbalist.

Question: What advice would you give to Messi?

Answer: To be as honest and close to his fans as possible. To make sure that as many people as possible enjoy his game.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/31/20

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