Kabbalists Like Sports

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: What is a Kabbalist’s position on sports and a healthy lifestyle?

My Answer: Kabbalists are in favor of healthy lifestyles. Baal HaSulam used to like to swim out to the ships in the harbor. My Teacher Rabash and I would frequently go to the gym, the sauna, and swim at least 400 strokes in the sea. I currently ride a bike for 1.5 hours, swim 400 strokes, power walk for 1 hour, and work out every morning. A person needs to take care of his body, otherwise it can’t serve him.

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  1. Taking care of the body involves more than just exercise. Fresh air, decent food and enough sleep are also part of a healthy lifestyle. How can one’s body serve him if he is sleep deprived from nights spent studying?

  2. Let the light and group energize you!

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