Be Renewed Every Minute!

294.1Comment: You say that it is necessary to learn how to empty yourself quickly so that the next day will be like a new one. You must not be stuck in yesterday’s calculations.

My Response: Yes, a mandatory condition for spiritual work is to be renewed every minute. In no case do not drag yourself from minute to minute. Leave your prior one in the past minute, and in the new one be a newborn, with new views, new tastes, a new attitude to everything.

Will I be able to or not? If not, then I am an animal that does not change during life, while a human changes.

Comment: But memory nonetheless exists. Many old people live in past memories.

My Response: This is given to us on purpose so that we suffer from how much, perhaps, we have done wrong to others. It is good if people have such remorse. But, in principle, it is necessary to live anew. I personally can’t otherwise. I just don’t agree with the fact that the day or some part of it, has passed just like that.

I have a schedule, and I have to follow it: lessons, blog, preparation for workshops, all kinds of meetings, five-minute meetings, preparation of materials for dissemination, for development.

Even if I don’t change anything myself, it still makes me change. In advance I put myself in such a framework that forces me to do this.

There is a schedule and I am in it. And inside this, of course, there are also my own thoughts and good impulses. How can they herewith not be renewed?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Change Every Second” 7/14/12

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