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Movement in Spirituality

232.05That innovation, meaning a new change of form that has occurred in the spiritual, is regarded as having been divided and distanced from that spiritual. It is considered to have emerged with its own name and authority, by which it is exactly like a corporeal being that some part departed from it and moves about from place to place. Hence, the new form is called “movement.” (Baal HaSulam, The Study of the Ten Sefirot, “Inner Observation,” Chapter 9, Item 33).

This is about a force that holds, not only the corporeal, but also everything that exists, and gradually changes it from degree to degree, from stage to stage.

Question: Let’s say there is an object in our world that can physically move some distance. This is what we call movement. Baal HaSulam, however, talks about movement in spirituality. For example, a person is developing spiritually, which means his form has changed from one to another. What form are we talking about?

Answer: About the movement inside the object. Changing a person’s purpose, his essence of existence, his intentions, his desires, his qualities. All this gradually changes and transforms. We see that everything in nature is subject to change, and therefore we say that everything is moving.

Question: Does this also apply to the desires of our world? They do not change.

Answer: They are also changing, but very slowly. In spirituality when I have some kind of connection with the upper force, the desire changes; this means that I have moved closer to the upper force.

Everything happens in the image and likeness of the upper force. If we reveal it for ourselves, we attain some images and qualities in it and then we can examine to what extent we are similar to them or not, whether we are closer to this upper force or further from it.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 2/12/23

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Nature Has Time

79.01Question: Does a person who is engaged in spirituality experience all states consciously or unconsciously like in our world?

Answer: One wants to experience them consciously because one’s existence and movement depend on it. There is nothing unconscious in spirituality at all. If you made some kind of movement there, it means that before that you thought about it and decided to act on them.

Question: It turns out that in our world, all physical, biological, and other processes occur as if on my behalf, right?

Answer: Yes, because we are not aware, we do not reach such a level to be able to be aware.

Question: Does it mean that we are still in some kind of intrauterine development? Even on a psychological level a person is not aware of much. Some kind of program automatically operates inside him.

Answer: An ordinary person does not know where he lives, how he lives, for what, or what the goal and the purpose are.

Question: And what is the point of that?

Answer: Gradually, these feelings accumulate and lead to the fact that a person is dissatisfied with one’s life and begins to delve into its source, and thus one approaches the Creator.

Comment: It takes millions of years!

My Response: It does not matter. Nature has time.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 2/12/23

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Carriers of the Spark of Light

294.1In our world, Jews are carriers of a spark of light; therefore, people subconsciously hate them: “There is something peculiar about them, something about them is not right. They are not like all other people; they are like a special race or space aliens.”

And in fact, it is true. After all, there are fragments of sparks in them, which are opposite to the egoism of an ordinary healthy person. Therefore, on the one hand, people are drawn to them; on the other hand, they hate them.

From this, they inflated an entire system, anti-Semitism, and everything else. Why? Such is the difference in qualities! In our world they are the only ones who have a spark of light.

These Jews are still trying to convince everyone that they are like everyone else. But this spark is embedded within you, you cannot cut it out with any surgical instruments! You have something that others do not have. Other people are obliged to hate you because this is an opposite quality, it is not from our world at all!

Therefore, until the same quality is manifested in all people, anti-Semitism will exist. That is, on one hand, it is impossible to destroy these people, this tribe, this practically Kabbalistic group, because they have an upper purpose: to transmit the highest state to the entire world.

On the other hand, as long as they do not realize their mission, which they themselves do not suspect, anti-Semitism and hatred for this quality will not pass. They must reverse it, but not for their own sake.

Anti-Semitism somehow drives them to this and catalyzes the process.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Those Jews Again!” 6/9/12

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Connect to the Next Level of Knowledge

276.03Comment: Let’s say I see some negative qualities in a friend and understand that they are in me. But at the same time, he sees negative qualities in me and realizes that they are in him. There is such a duality.

My Response: I do not advise messing with this; this is already a philosophy! We do not have enough internal tools to take in the secondary, tertiary, and other sensations. It is impossible. This is the next level of knowledge.

In order to feel this, the light needs to reveal within you its overall control. You yourself cannot understand this with your mind. You do not have to try to understand anything with your brain at all. It will only confuse you.

You need to tune in so that the light creates the sensations of the second, multi-layered level in you. But this second level is not just an enlargement of the first. It is an introduction to the n-dimensional space in which the absence of time, movement, and place immediately makes it closed and round, without beginning or end.

All kinds of earthly measurements, time, distances, higher-lower, more-less, and so on, begin to disappear in it. This cannot be described in our world, in the qualities that a person has at our level. It is impossible to describe.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. I am a Mirror for Others” 6/9/12

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We Have to Rise Above Death

294.3In the News: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a ‘super bad feeling’ about the economy – so much so that he’s directing company executives to freeze hiring and cut staff…” (NPR).

Elon Musk welcomes global recession: ‘it’s been raining money on fools for too long’ …  Some bankruptcies need to happen. (The Guardian).

My Response: Ultimately, of course, to bring the world to a healthy and correct distribution, with balance, proper payment for labor, and the right labor, a great deal of the things we have done must be destroyed.

How many schemes have we twisted between us, and all these judges, lawyers? A change in our relationships, when we cleanse them of all all that is pretentious and unnecessary, when all the stock markets and law offices fall, and so on, and so on, then all of this will acquire a completely different foundation, a healthy foundation.

Question: Are you drawing direct connections between us or all sorts of concocted things and production? As soon as these connections become corrected, all of this space will start to be cleansed, right?

Answer: Yes. Even if we removed just the insurance companies from our world, the world would become different.

Question: Will we be able to remove it by simply having more direct relationships?

Answer: Of course, yes. The very name “insurance company.”

Comment: Yes, I insure myself to the fullest; if something happens, then… And when will they fall, these companies? Won’t it simply happen by changing the law and saying that there are no more insurance companies and that’s all?

Answer: I don’t think it will fall quickly and decisively. It depends on man’s disillusionment in this life.

We have to undergo very serious distress and reassess our values. Only then will we reach a decision about what we need in this world and what we don’t, to such an extent that in that decision we will be at the degree of life and death, eternity and death.

With these kinds of problems and when we wish to change them, then we really will be able to start rebuilding our world.

Question: Will we reach a sort of simple decision as a result of all these deliberations?

Answer: The decision is very simple: how can we rise above death. Because all of these insurance companies, everything there is are just how I can make things safer, fulfill them.

Question: Yes. They are founded on death, actually. And here everything will be founded on life, yes? Meaning it will be based on how can I rise above death, right?

Answer: Yes. Therein lies the basis for the existence of all these companies, and in general, the social relations we have concocted over the last century.

Question: And when I desire this, to rise above death, then I will gradually be cleansed of all of this?

Answer: Yes. Everything will go! The threat of war and all of these competitions in general will go away.

Question: When you say rise above death, what do you mean by it?

Answer: Rising above death is ascending above egoism. And it is such that I do not care about the relation of death and life; it is when I see an eternal flow in this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/13/22

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World Geography from a Spiritual Point of View

746.01Question: It is known that the whole reality is divided into ten Sefirot, which in turn are further divided into ten, and so on. Does this mean that all over the world there are some places similar to Jerusalem, Lake Kinneret, and Galilee?

Answer: No. Kabbalists divide the whole world only into the land of Israel, then into Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Babylon.

These lands are under a special spiritual influence, descending as I named them: Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Babylon, i.e., today’s Iraq.

All other parts of the earth are practically on the same level and spiritually absolutely lifeless. But when people from there begin to rise to their spiritual root, then, as it is said, the land of Israel will begin to spread like shagreen leather over the entire territory of the globe.

Comment: You say: “Jordan, Syria…” It turns out that the current enemies of Israel, the countries that would like to destroy us, are the closest to Israel. Everything is upside down in our world.

My Response: Because we are upside down. As soon as we return to our roots, correct ourselves inversely, the correction of our neighbors will immediately occur. We should not expect any change from them until we change ourselves.

Let’s hope that first of all we realize this, feel this, and implement this.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalistic Geography” 10/10/10

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/7/23

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“Why are people scared of black cats?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why are people scared of black cats?

People’s fear of black cats, shying away from broken mirrors and attributing dark and ominous signs to all kinds of events in our lives, such as Kyiv residents recently doing so in relation to huge flocks of crows that passed through their skies, have their historic folkloric origins.

However, we need to progress beyond assigning any special importance to such phenomena.

We can do so by replacing such signs with positive signs, such as the demonstration of positive attitudes to each other.

If we emphasize the growth of positive mutual attitudes and the achievement of “love your neighbor as yourself” in human society, then such a condition would cover everything else. Then, whether we walk past a black cat, a broken mirror or myriad other superstitious phenomena that we might be careful with, our attraction to achieving a strong positive human connection would cancel out any of those influences.

Based on the video “Crows Over Kyiv – An Ominous Sign?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.