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Directed Straight to the Creator

935We just need to direct our hearts correctly. This does not depend on the person himself but on the environment, whether it is directed at the goal he has chosen. When a person enters such an environment and wants to join his friends, he directs his heart more and more precisely to the goal chosen by everyone else.

That is why we are going to the convention, it is in order to be imbued with the same spirit that is in it. Our correction depends on how well we manage to do it.

The heart is all the desires of a person. I want my heart to be together with all the desires of the friends striving for the same goal. Maybe we do not quite accurately depict it now, but we are always trying to figure it out, like in a sight that is more and more accurately aimed at the target, making it clearer, closer, and more desirable.

If our thoughts, desires, and heartfelt aspirations are much more connected, as if in one person with one heart, we thereby influence the general upper force, the Creator, even more. The more we combine our efforts and focus on Him as the only force that determines everything, we build His image in us more precisely; as it is written, “You have made Me.”

The more correctly we depict the Creator, the closer we will come to Him, connect with Him, and begin to feel Him. This is the purpose of our work—to correct our hearts. A person is not able to correct his thoughts, but he can direct his heart directly to the Creator, and then all his thoughts will be only about how to bring contentment to the Creator. When the heart is completely directed away from myself toward bestowal, the upper light will reign in it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/23, “Preparing for the opening of the heart at the Congress”

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Our Whole Life Is Internal Movement to the Light

527.03Question: How can a person, contrary to his egoism, strive to overcome it and continue to unite? In his mind he understands that he needs to rise above himself, to connect with others, but it is so difficult to realize. What should attract him so that his egoism agrees to do this?

Answer: You just need to think a lot about it, read, and try to persuade yourself in every possible way.

To someone it will come through the mind, to someone else through feelings, to other people through historical examples, perhaps, through some religious images, through fear, it does not matter how, it happens in different ways. But still, a person will come to the conclusion that he is obliged to do this and will begin to move toward this.

As a result of these efforts, the light will act on him and change him. A man himself will not move a muscle. He is totally built only on causing the light to actuate him.

The most important thing in our life is preparation for its greatest achievement. Our whole life is preparation for complete correction.

Every second is preparation because only a small move forward to the goal depends on us: either in intention, desires, or even just some kind of a movement. And the rest is done by the light that we cause the impact of.

Either our thoughts and desires, that is, our mind and heart, move forward by themselves like a machine, and the light constantly affects them. But since they constantly change, like some kind of a drum inside us, we grow and change.

Or we ourselves make movements forward to the light somehow, at least a little bit exciting ourselves with the help of the environment. You will not do this in any other way but for just connecting with the others, perceiving their mind, feelings, desires, and thoughts from them.

When we make just a slight movement on our part, we cause a bigger intensity of light. It is not the light that changes, but us as if approaching it, striving for it, exposing ourselves to its bigger influence.

This is what our advancement is about. There is nothing more in the world. Only this happens every second. Therefore, we and all of nature in general exist inside this permanent light, like inside a soup, and we are being cooked inside it on constant surrounding fire.

It depends only on us how we will reach greater similarity to the upper light. If we want it from inside of ourselves, then we will quickly come to adhesion with it.

That is all. There is nothing else here! Our whole life is just aspiration, intention, and preparation for the lesson in order to internally, by our desires, move ourselves to the light, to its properties. This is the whole method!

Therefore, when you ask: “How can we get closer and reveal some secrets?” What kind of secrets?! Everything is open in front of you! Try to strive for the light and move closer to it in your properties. And this is possible only through rapprochement with others, through love of friends, and then through love of all of humanity.

In this way you will cause a bigger impact of light, enter the development faster than others, and quickly understand and feel everything. You will reveal the field in which you exist, the upper world. In parallel to five corporeal senses, you will begin to feel the internal structure of the spiritual world. It exists here and now.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. As Long as I’m Alive, They will Only Suffer” 6/2/12

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Physical and Spiritual Suffering

546.03Question: How should we treat various diseases? Are they a correction?

Answer: Of course they are a correction. Moreover, according to Kabbalah, it is desirable not to remove the agonies of death. They are serious corrections of our egoism.

It should be made as easy as possible, yes, but, in principle, only ease it. This is a general correction of egoism, which suffers and ends its specific sufferings in the state in which it feels itself at the lowest level of its existence. All the rest of our existence is smeared across all the rungs of the spiritual ladder.

Comment: We are familiar with physical suffering. But spiritual suffering is completely different. It is like an inner, emotional experience, but the physical is still more detestable.

My Response: You can rise above physical suffering so that you stop feeling it, but the spiritual one needs to be corrected and replaced by more sublime suffering. Here you have no way to escape.

Suffering is the absence of fulfillment in egoism. If you replace it with the lack of the ability to bestow and love, then it takes on a completely different tone—the suffering of love. This is already completely different; it is purposeful and carries sweetness in itself. We can replace all kinds of bad suffering with good suffering.

Question: When you were sick, your teacher Rabash said that you should rejoice in it. How can physical illnesses be used?

Answer: You do not need to bring them on yourself on purpose. But physical sufferings help, they lead a person to the goal.

You should not revel in sufferings, wait for them, or exalt them as something necessary, but if they come, you should try, on one hand, to somehow replace them with more sublime ones, and at the same time understand that suffering of any type cleanses a person from egoism, it elevates him.

However, at our level, this is a very long and wrong path. Therefore, Kabbalah is against suffering.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Benefits of Physical Suffering” 5/21/12

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Representatives of a Different Mind

748Question: Do you call Jews or your disciples in general the representatives of Bina?

Answer: Disciples or Jews are one and the same. In the sources, the Jews are people aspiring to the Creator, the people who want to attain the meaning of life, not ordinary people.

My disciples are the Jews, from the word “Yehudim,” striving for unity.

People who cultivate this yearning in themselves begin to feel all their corporeal impulses as artificial and superfluous ones, which they must still use and in which they must live, because this is necessary to correct the world. Through this they are in contact with the world.

At first they live just like everyone else. Maybe they succeed on the corporeal level, maybe not. But in principle, their suffering is internal, not external. Sometimes they go through very interesting metamorphoses.

Question: What is the difference in the perception of life of that part of humanity that needs to awaken as opposed to just an ordinary person?

Answer: In a person who is constantly transforming, the upper light is working all the time. That person perceives the world a little differently than other people.

He makes rather strange decisions and has sharp turns in life. He goes through many options for his attitude to life: quits, moves, accepts, discards, and gets carried away by one thing or the other, then quickly cools down, etc. This is a feature of his rapid development.

He seems odd, a little out of this world, a little edgy, angular, or smart. But in the end, in spite of everything, he discovers his find; “I found it!”

Now everything depends on his further development. As much as the strength of his desire to discover the purpose of life is truly deep, so he continues.

What matters here is a huge number of factors that awaken between him and the source of his development, how much he hears what he is told and grasps it, how much he has common habits and morals with the environment he is in, and much more.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Representatives of a Different Mind” 6/2/12

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What Does Love for My Neighbor Give Me

527.02Comment: There is a very clear Jewish parable in which a scientist came to a sage and asked, “They say that you, sir, give people amazing medicines and know how to heal. Give me medicine that will teach me to fear God.” “For the fear of God,” the wise man replied, “I have no medicine. But there is a medicine that will help you love God.” “I desire this even more,” said the scientist, “give me that one.” “This medicine is, love of one’s neighbor,” answered the sage.

That is such a simple formula: If you love your neighbor, you will love God.

My Response: Yes.

Comment: There are always questions, I see my neighbor…

My Response: We do not see our neighbor either. In principle, he is just as incomprehensible and hidden, as the Creator.

Comment: But for an ordinary person, I see my neighbor. Here he is in front of me. But I do not see the Creator.

My Response: What does it mean to see the Creator? What is the question here?

The Creator is everything that is around us. Absolutely everything that is around, everything that I exist in, that fills the whole world around me; all this is the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to fall in love with everything that fills the world around us?

Answer: Yes. Connect with Him and desire to be afloat in Him all the time. That is all.

Question: Does the fact that I do not tear myself away from Him mean that I accept everything?

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: And do I also accept the worst thing?

Answer: It does not matter what.

Question: All this is from You, and I accept it?

Answer: Yes. This is what adhesion is.

Question: Then why does love for one’s neighbor lead to love for the Creator?

Answer: Because we can better direct ourselves this way. Otherwise, how can we do it? For me, as an ordinary person, the Creator is something distant, incredible, other-worldly, and so on. And if I accept everything around me that it is the Creator, then how can I get close to Him and direct myself to Him? Only through my neighbor.

Question: That is, I am trying to love my neighbor and understand that this is …

Answer: Everything around me.

Question: This very thought must stay in me all the time, that all this is from the Creator?

Answer: Yes, this is the Creator. And this is called, from the love of one’s neighbor to the love of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/12/23

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What Aims a Person to the Goal?

527.03Comment: We live in the age of rapid technological advancement. For example, there are cameras that make such high quality videos that it simply kills the film industry. People use it, and nobody can turn back the clock. This has seriously disrupted the whole industry.

My Response: So what? All these huge cameras disappeared, but man still remained. If he wants to offer something of high quality to the world and there is demand for his product, he will do it with a small device instead of a large movie camera.

What is the difference? Why all this bulky video equipment? Why do we need this? Is this mastery?

All great artists were poor, hungry, and never had many colors, they painted on simple, plain canvases. That is when one shows a skill! And it really was a skill!

Art should be expressed through pain, suffering, or striving.

Question: Yes, I have met artists who were poor and expressed their canvases through pain. But soon after, a patron would appear who would sponsor them, and it would be impossible to get anything out of them. When there is no pain, there is no advancement. Is this what the Kabbalistic principle is?

Answer: Only hunger! Only hunger in the general sense of the word, no matter what, can aim a person toward a goal. A person is suffering, slowly looking for a way out; without this, we cannot do it.

Question: How should such a hunger for learning be expressed?

Answer: Studying will surely let me reach the quality of bestowal. Although I do not know what it is, I do not want it, but I hear, see, and read that it is a general quality of nature. I have to get to know it gradually.

Kabbalistic books tell us that in nature, besides the quality of reception, there is also the quality of bestowal. What should I do about it? How do I find the second force of nature? With its help, I will be able to explore nature, understand the world I live in, save myself and others from suffering, and find what I want.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Benefits of Fasting” 5/7/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/5/23

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