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Petach Tikva—The Center for Dissemination of Kabbalistic Knowledge

632.3Petach Tikva is a very interesting place on the map of Israel. Firstly, it is called Em HaMoshavot, that is, the ancestor of all today’s places of settlement in Israel. We know that after the last long exile we returned here in order to revive spirituality.

Therefore, it is not by chance that by the will of the supreme providence we found ourselves in this place, which in our time is the basis of all settlements in the country. Apparently, we should be here because it is very difficult for us to leave and move somewhere from here.

We have settled here and probably for good reason. The future will show how Kabbalistic knowledge will spread from here to all corners of the world and how people will be drawn to a sense of spirituality through the land of Israel, i.e., through its history, geography, travel, tours, and at the same time they will want to consistently start their spiritual tour.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalistic Geography” 10/10/10

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Mind in Service of Feelings

624.04Question: You say that when spreading Kabbalistic knowledge a person may not even understand the material received, but some mechanism is triggered inside him, and this is more important than if he understands the explanation with his mind.

How does it work?

Answer: Yes, the main thing is that it first happens in feelings and then the mind understands.

Why do I need to care about the mind at all? It only serves the feelings. First I see a picture, feel it, and then I start thinking about it. It is this way in everything in the world and in everything in our perception. The mind is only a servant of my feelings. It defines feelings, measures them, sorts, compares, analyzes, and gives me an opinion.

Therefore, if I need to change my opinion about my feelings, this is one job, and if I need to change my feelings with the help of the mind, this is a different job.

Question: But how does the physical dissemination of Kabbalistic knowledge take place?

Answer: Only from above. We give a condition for the light to spread even wider, to penetrate even deeper.

Due to the fact that we connect externally with other people, we allow the light to act through us on them. In this way, they gradually change their opinion, their attitude toward us, to the world, to everything.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Subtleties of Dissemination” 4/21/12

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A Governance that Appeals to Egoism

448.9Comment: As a rule, most of the European countries that once ruled the world have fallen into decline over time. For example, Greece is now one of the poorest countries in Europe.

My Response: Nothing can be done. Such is the dialectic: first you conquer some countries, and then they rule you. It is the same when you give birth to children: first you take care of them and sort of rule over them, and then, as adults, they rule over you. You cannot escape this—it is dialectic.

The same thing happened with the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia, and other countries. Everyone first conquered and expanded, and then changed roles with the enslaved nations.

Question: Let’s say America is at its peak right now. So, it is very easy to predict what will happen to it?

Answer: No, it is impossible to predict. America captures everyone in a different way, not physically but technologically and financially. Therefore, it is not necessary for someone to rule over it. It is just that there will be a “deflation” of America in the future, but not in the sense that it will be ruled over by someone. This is a different type of power. It is a little different every time.

America has conquered the world with its culture, and it is not a monoculture. This is not Russian, French, or some other culture, nor a religion that wants to conquer the world. It is something that everyone can fit into.

This explains the amazing speed of the spread of the American way of life. It is very light and appeals to any egoism. It lets you kind of relax. Young people bite into it. This is a different type of conquest.

I do not think that Americans in this regard will receive a reverse negative blow, or that they will be conquered by some other culture. Which one? After all, there is no one they enslaved. They only contribute, supplement.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. America vs. Europe” 6/2/12

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Get Disappointed and Move On

294.2Question: Why is life given to man? So that, based on his limited, petty animal mind, he would ponder about his existence?

Answer: We exist in such a small area where we do not understand anything, but we start poking around in it and make some kind of science out of it. We do not see nature as a whole. Instead of one whole picture, we divide this nature into hundreds of sciences. Why? What is in it? What is the point, what is the need for us to see and feel something?

It turns out that it is impossible to detach from egoism if it is not materialized by our mind. And for this, our mind must see itself mastering absolutely everything, then abandon it all as it leads nowhere, make mistakes in everything, and in the end, it gives a person only suffering.

And we see what science has come to, to the fact that it does not want itself. People are still going into science, trying to learn something, but its latest achievements say: “That’s it, guys, it is time to close.” And scientists feel it.

I really like to listen to physicists, biologists, and natural scientists. They indeed are already talking about borderline phenomena with the spiritual world. They already feel it, but they are afraid to talk about it openly because they will be told that it is mysticism.

After all, people who are far from science do not understand that science has entered the border area with the spiritual world, and those concepts that we previously interpreted as mystical are not at all such.

Quantum physics especially has given us a lot. In principle, the whole world is quanta, it is light, as Kabbalah says.

We are now at a very interesting stage of development.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. A Dream 400 Years Long” 4/7/12

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