The End Of The American Dream – Death Of Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Chris Hedges, in the interview on Canadian television): “American democracy is dead and that only ‘a revolution of the people’ can restore the USA to democratic values. Since this is extremely unlikely, America will further degenerate, and end up as a semi-fascist corporate state, probably culminating in a right-wing backlash in the form of Nazi-like purges against Muslims, immigrants, and other minority groups. And, of course, there will be more endless wars on defenceless nations to boost the arms industry and divert attention from the internal rot. Maybe the Americans should learn from the Egyptians rather than vice versa!”

My Comment: If we look at the level of development of the people, then of course, the revolution in their consciousness seems impossible because they have been duped for so many years. But a few months of “global education and upbringing in the Arvut system” can make this possible, and we will get the masses with whom it’s possible to start transforming society, as required by our evolution.

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