On A Downwards Slope

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from OkoPlanet.ru): “The IMF and World Bank are pessimistic—a new recession is on the doorstep.

“One in ten Americans is on welfare. The White House has spent billions to prevent the banks from bursting. The financial system survived, but deprived of work, people spend less, and the treasury receives less tax. Forecasts are becoming increasingly bleak. The most serious risk is the slowing of economic growth, and it is simply impossible if there are no jobs.

“The European Union will collapse because it is bankrupt. Business minimizes production. Countries are trying to ‘shut down’ from the neighbors, even though the economy is inextricably linked. Everyone tries to survive alone, and financial experts see this as the biggest problem.”

My Comment: There are two problems:

  1. They believe that economic growth is an indicator of a good future, that is, they do not see any other way but to sustain the pernicious system of continuous growth. For them, it doesn’t matter where and how much to grow since otherwise, the system will not survive: a bigger market, more growth, buy—throw out—earn—do it again. But the reality imposes a new requirement: the balance of all people, systems, and institutions, in an equal union, to achieve harmony and complete cooperation. It is possible to try it partly and receive evidence that this way, everything will settle down and come to fulfillment, satisfaction.
  2. To believe that today one can survive alone means simply to obey one’s blind egoism, which thereby drives us to the grave. It’s not just because it’s impossible to return to the “natural” economy on a national scale, but because nature encircled us with the network of global connection, as a fisherman nets a school of fish, and we cannot escape this network. That is why protectionism, striving to survive on one’s own, is the way to confrontation and a world war.

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