The Spiritual World Is The World Of Intentions

961.2Comment: In the legislative law of any country, punishment is determined not by the action itself, but by the intention that preceded it. It is clear that the most serious crimes are those that a person commits intentionally. A crime is considered intentional if a person consciously accepted the possibility of criminal consequences.

According to the main law of Kabbalah, a person is also defined not by his action but by his intention.

My Response: Yes, but in Kabbalah, intention 100% determines the consequence, and in our world, it makes up some percentage of everything that happens.

Our world is a world of actions that come from corporeal circumstances and activities. The spiritual world, however, is completely built on intention. There are no actions in it other than the intention that produces everything.

Desire is a force and intention controls this force. It defines for whom this force works, in whose direction it is aimed, and for whose benefit. All this is divided very specifically: either for the sake of bestowing to others or for the sake of the subject, that is, the person himself.

Therefore, both the action itself, its power, which determines its level, and the intention are taken into account here: either this is the intention to bestow, or this is the intention to receive. This refers to the strength of desire and its intention, just as in our world there is a physical action and its intention.

The problem is that in our world, we cannot accurately explain and accurately record the intention of a person. And in the spiritual world, these intentions are completely clear, and a person is evaluated according to his degree, vision, awareness, and attainment.

Depending on this, his position in the spiritual world by itself makes a judgment on him and qualifies him as to what degree he is, how external nature treats him and directs him precisely either by compelling forces or by helping forces, and so on.

That is, a person is not among people who evaluate him by some subjective political, social, or other standards, but in spiritual nature that is absolute and knows one’s capabilities and evaluates one’s abilities, actions, and successes on its 100% scale.

Question: Who can see and appreciate the purity of a person’s intention?

Answer: Only nature itself because it represents a general 100% altruistic intention.

Question: Can a person who is already at the degree of revelation of this nature evaluate the intentions of another?

Answer: Yes and no. After all, if I am at some degree of spiritual nature, let us say I am 80% corrected in my intentions, then I cannot evaluate everyone else 100%, but only to the level that I have reached myself.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Outside The Law” 2/1/11

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