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Hurry Up

275There has been a strong earthquake in Turkey again, so we should hurry up and build a stronger connection between us. The connection arises only when there is a strong desire for mutual bestowal. To the extent that we build this connection, we will be able to stop the revelation of all the evil forces of nature.

Why does an earthquake, epidemic, fire, or tsunami suddenly occur precisely in this place? We will be able to understand the causes of these disasters and counteract them in a different way.

Now we are putting up resistance against resistance, and this is not good. We need to tune ourselves from the inside so that all the forces of nature from the outside act favorably for us. Meaning, we need to polish our stony hearts in such a way that we can make a Kli out of them to reveal the Creator.

And then the Creator outside will correspond to the form created inside. The inner light and the surrounding light will come closer to each other, and the border, the wall between them, will not separate them. It will only emphasize how different we are by nature from the Creator and how we want to resemble Him with our desires.

If I adjust myself to my friends and see that we are building the house of the Creator together, then I feel joyful from it. I bring myself in line with the place that the Creator will fill, and I cut off from myself those desires, thoughts, intentions, and actions that prevented the revelation of the Creator and our connection. The more of those desires I eliminate, the more space will be freed up for the Creator. Before that, He had no place in this world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/23, “Preparation for Opening the Heart at the Congress”

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Mysterious Civilizations of the Past

417Comment: A group of historians and archaeologists claims that before the civilizations of Mayans, Incans, and so on, there were super-civilizations, and that some kind of super people lived in the lands of Israel and India. Scientists have evidence that the cut of stone in these places is so perfect that even modern technologies cannot do this.

My Response: Yes, of course. When we go down under the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, there are blocks of 40, 60, and 70 tons. How could it be moved and installed with such precision without modern technical means? Even today it is difficult to do so.

Moreover, these blocks were brought from afar, tens of kilometers away. How were they delivered? How were they installed?

This is an incredibly difficult engineering challenge! It is beyond our power even today, and even more so at that time! Therefore, scientists have assumptions about superhumans.

I think they just misunderstand it. In many countries we find such paradoxes that people of the past used a kind of electric batteries, they made correct calculations based on the stars in the sky, and they had a different approach to nature.

The modern approach is rigid, as if digital, computerized, and their approach was based on the use of the general force of nature. They knew how to use methods that we do not know about today.

Now, moving to integral humanity, becoming generalized and round, we will gradually acquire a mind that will be in similarity with nature.

When we, like all nature,  become tied together by mutual guarantee, by a common obligation, and people understand that they are one single whole, then we will have a new mind, new thoughts, new desires. In this case, we will be able to understand nature itself because we will be like it, we will be together with it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Mysterious Civilizations of the Past” 5/19/12

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A Book Is a Statement of Human Desire

527.04Comment: You say that a paper book is still more important than an electronic one because it has a spiritual root while an electronic one does not.

My Response: Now everything is moving to electronics, everything will be in electronic form; this cannot be changed. But the book itself is simply symbols that a person writes with his hand and reads with his eyes.

Basically, I do not think it matters much for our generation. Today I also read basic literature from the screen although we learn from books.

Question: But you said that now even paper is not what it used to be. Does the texture of the paper on which the book is printed play a role?

Answer: Real paper is, of course, papyrus. From that came the word “paper.” Also, records were made on sheepskins that were prepared in a special way. When you take the skin, it splits into two parallel layers. The book is written on the outer part of the inner layer.

Question: Why was this done?

Answer: Because a book is a desire of a person that he describes in writing.

We can correct all our desires in four and a half stages. They are called Mocha [marrow], Atzamot [bones], Gidin [tendons], Basar [flesh], and Or [skin].

The skin is the last part that belongs to Malchut; it can only be corrected halfway. This divided skin of an animal (we, after all, are also animals and correct our animal part) can be corrected only halfway from the inside.

The other part cannot be corrected; those desires are too great for us, we do not have the strength for this. Therefore, the book is the maximum attainment of spirituality through four and a half degrees of our desires.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Book or iPad” 5/21/12

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When There Is Not Enough of the Upper Force

627.2Comment: If you look at what is the most popular on YouTube or on the Internet, cats are of great interest. There are millions and billions of views of these animals lying on their backs or climbing into a bag, etc.

My Response: Miserable humanity! Look at the level of its development, the needs it has, and what a big lack of confidence! Children that lack a mom.

Comment: Imagine a hedgehog swimming in water, and there are 40 million views.

My Response: Well, what can you do? This is the way of development.

Question: Is it possible to come to the point that people will discard this animal part and suddenly become interested in the inner part?

Answer: Yes, they will discard it. Or rather, they will slip past it quickly. After all, everything happens under the influence of light. So, soon they will feel the changes in them.

When we bring the upper force, mind, and light into this world, it affects everyone, and people become different. They suddenly think differently, feel differently, and suddenly look at the world differently. Their requests and needs change, they solve everything differently, and cannot help but follow the change that the light creates in them.

So, all this depends not on them but on us, on those who know that it is necessary to cause a greater intensity of the manifestation of light in our world through us, through the multitude of people who are already striving for the goal of creation today.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. 40 Million Viewers!” 6/2/12

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Do Not Contradict the Creator

565.02Comment: There is a parable about a man who was dying from an incurable disease. His relatives had already given up believing he would recover. But they were told that there is a wise man nearby who heals people. They brought this wise man to the ailing man. He asked to be left alone with the patient. They talked quietly and then the sage left. The next day, the patient began to recover. He recovered fully. And then he was asked: “What did the sage say to you that you easily defeated the disease?” He replied: “The sage told me: don’t try to overcome the disease – love it.”

It sounds, of course, very wise, but it is impossible to love your illness.

My Response: Agree with this. Meaning, agree with what comes to you and accept it as the best option.

Comment: Humanity is sick, and sick with diseases that are largely incurable. Everyone wants some advice that will suddenly help him to live somehow.

My Response: Relax and don’t try to change anything. Swim calmly with the flow of life. Accept what you have. Because everything that is done is done by the Creator. Therefore, do not contradict Him, but feel that at every moment in time, you are connected with Him.

Question: What should one do with the fears that spur a person on all the time?

Answer: There will be no fears! Because fear comes from you wanting to secure some special future for yourself. Here it doesn’t exist.

Question: So, fear is when you disagree with the Creator?

Answer: Yes. But not in this scenario. The future disappears, it doesn’t exist. At every moment it is equivalent to the fact that you are leaving and there is nothing left of you. And everything is calm. Whatever was, will still be. As King Solomon had it written on the ring.

Question: So, you think that if a person gets along with this formula if he lives with it and exists, then it will free him from fears and even from pain?

Answer: The point is not that he will be free from fear and pain, but that he will simply be properly connected with nature, with the Creator.

Question: And what will this result in?

Answer: This will give a connection with the Creator, serenity, rapprochement, and simply merging.

Question: What place do doctors occupy in this whole bundle, in the formula?

Answer: Doctors, in principle, are not designed to pull a person out of an illness. They can’t do that. It is necessary, so the Creator will send it in one way or another, wherever and whenever is necessary.

But the fact is that doctors should help a person to be in clarity. In clarity of mind, in clarity of strength, as much as possible. So that he would properly relate to everything that happens to him.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/12/23

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The Energy of Holy Places

937Question: People from all over the world come to our Kabbalistic center. As a rule, they arrange tours to Kabbalistic places and after passing through all these important, energetic spiritual points, then leave for their cities and countries.

Can this be compared to how waters descend from Mount Hermon into Lake Kinneret?

Answer: Naturally. Of course, they will take all the energy of the holy places with them, and then it will work in the regions where they live. Therefore, it is very good that they visit special places.

While there they read texts prepared in advance for each place in their languages, in order to merge into the energy that exists there, to come into contact with those forces that affect them, it only depends on the person—to reveal them for himself or not.

And when they arrive home, even when they forget about it, they will still subconsciously radiate this divine force received here in the holy land.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalistic Geography” 10/10/10

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“What do you think about the Hebrew language?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What do you think about the Hebrew language?

The Hebrew language emerges from our dialog with the source force of our lives, the force of love, bestowal and connection that is called “the Creator” in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

According to Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters are the forms that our desire receives from the Creator. In other words, every letter is a new form that we acquire when we become somewhat similar to the Creator.

Our matter is a desire to enjoy, which is opposite to the desire to bestow enjoyment, which is the Creator’s form. Therefore, when we apply an intention to bestow enjoyment upon our desire to receive, then it is considered that we acquire a form similar to the Creator.

There are 22 of these forms that we can acquire upon ourselves, and in addition, the five last letters, the MANTZEPACH. When we apply these forms upon ourselves, we create words, which are spiritual actions. That is, when we transition from a state where we are immersed solely in the desire to enjoy for ourselves alone to a desire to bestow enjoyment to the Creator, then we hold a dialog with the Creator. We reach out to Him and we change ourselves through the forms that we accept upon ourselves. By doing so, we express our desire and our language to the Creator. He then understands us, and He begins speaking to us through these letters, these symbols.

We can then know the Creator when we have received the 27 forms from Him, and we can then identify the form that the Creator reaches out to us with.

Based on the video “What Are the Hebrew Letters?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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