Printed Text, Audio, Or Video Media?

962.8Question: Is there any difference in how to read one book or another? For example, The Study of the Ten Sefirot or The Book of Zohar.

Answer: As in any science, there are certain rules and approaches here. Over the 30 years our organization has been operating, we have done a lot concerning this matter.

I published my first book in 1983, and I wrote it two years earlier. Today there are other media beside printed text, but it still remains the main one.

Therefore, you can listen to all my lectures and classes—and there are many, many thousands of them—in audio format or watch them in video format, that is, fully feeling that you are present at the lesson, in the classroom, and see how it all happens. We have been making these recordings for the last twenty years.

I was one of the first people in the country to get my own website:

Question: This concerns lessons. What about books? Is there a difference between receiving them through other media or to read a printed text?

Answer: Basically, we do not read my books. I teach only from primary sources, from the works of Baal HaSulam and Rabash. And books written around primary sources are for everyone else.

The primary sources that we study are intended for people who begin to study Kabbalah. They usher them very deeply into this science.

A person who begins to look over these books sees that Kabbalah invites him to get acquainted with the world we exist in but do not feel.

It exists outside of us, it influences us, and we influence it. We kind of breathe with it, work in unison. Everything I do is given from above. Even the movements that I am making with my hands now, as well as my thoughts, are controlled from above.

Having additionally built a certain attitude toward the upper world, I can also influence it, i.e., enter into a correct connection with it, feel what the upper system wants from me and how I can change my destiny.

Question: Let’s say a person reads a primary source or listens to it in audio format. There are musical inserts, pauses, etc. Which format will influence him the most?

Answer: It depends on the person. If he studies the right way, it doesn’t matter which format he uses. All this will lead him to a common concept. It is the same as when we look at a painting; its colors and composition all together affect us. We may not even be aware of how.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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