The Influence Of Kabbalistic Books

260.02Question: What influence do Kabbalistic books have on us?

Answer: A positive influence. First, they tell a person what one lives in, what is happening in it, why this world is spinning around us, and what influence we can have on it.

We begin to understand how we can change the world and our existence in it with the help of certain actions, how much the laws of nature are adapted for us to use them, and to what extent  people can adapt themselves to the correct application of these laws.

In general, Kabbalah is the science of the correct connection of man with nature.

Question: Does a person feel this influence on himself?

Answer: Kabbalah leads one precisely to a sensory and rational perception so that with the help of both mind and feelings a person would correctly direct the influence on changing his nature.

Is it possible to feel this through a book?

Answer: Not just to feel. The book guides him, explains how to do it. The correct application of Kabbalah should change a person’s entire destiny.

Question: If he knew that, he would probably only read these books, right?

Answer: Yes. However, here everything depends on the strength of the desire. It is not like you pick up a book, open it, and suddenly, like in Harry Potter, everything changes and lights up. No.

Yet, if a person desires, then by changing himself, he changes the influence of the surrounding world on himself.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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